Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I make stuff...

Lots of stuff!
I grew up on a farm. And part of the farm life involved BURLAP! Feed sacks, gunny sacks, grain bags, whatever you want to call it...I loved them, then and now! I have been using burlap in my decorating for imagine my aweshocksurprise when I bust into blogland and tada...burlap is big! It really is a wonderful asset to decorate with...the earthy smell, the rustic look, the rough texture and the endless possibilites of crafty projects that can be pulled off with burlap.
Sooooo to celebrate burlap love and spring's arrival, I thought I would share a fun project with you.

Get yourself some grapevine all rolled up like so

Cut out some 4 x 4 squares of burlap and then unravel the ends a bit

Glue them to the grapevine any way you want

Distress a wooden letter

Glue some flat moss to the burlap squares and then glue your letter (after the paint dries) to the moss

I decided to make a cute little birds nest out of spanish moss and then added that the mix

Of course every nest needs some cute little clay eggs so I glued those into the nest, waited about a half hour, gave it a once over, added some more glue to secure everything and waaaalaaa

You've got yourself a beautiful wreath to welcome spring and all who visit your humble abode!

Happy spring and now...
get out there and create something!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

See what I mean....

about collecting.....!!!

I stumbled across this awesome collection and couldn't help myself!

Ironstone dishware, circa, who knows, but it's old...

And as much as I love it...

It will be going up for sale soon!

Vintage, Classic, Nostalgia and Character all combined in one beautiful set of thriftstore dishes...

So get out there...lots of treasures just waiting to be discovered!

Happy hunting!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I collect stuff....

A LOT OF IT!!! Did you know that about me? Well, I do! And have been a collector for many years, everything from jewelry to clothes to shoes (my husband would say waaaaay too many) to vintage dishware, textiles, fabrics, silverware, Hobnail anything,

jewelry boxes and well, just anything old!

Not worth money old but aesthetically pleasing, take me back to the good ole days old. If I could of had a choice, I would have been born in the teens or twenties, instead of the seventies.

I am a thrifter...meaning I will look any where for a treasure and every now and then I snag a great one, one that earns a place among all my other coveted goods. Sometimes a plate may have Homer Laughlin stamped on the back or I stumble across my Daisy-dot Marcrest pattern, those always stay with me.

Others are just chippy, crackled, rustic, cracked, goodness. I love to imagine the history of treasure, where it started, how it made its journey thru time, who loved it before I did and how was it used. And I even like to think that whatever treasure that I find...chose me to find it...with a nostalgic knowledge that only a vintage piece can knew that it was going to a good home.

If you want to pick a vintage treasure for your own, check out my Etsy shop, just click on the link on the right side of this blog.
Happy treasure hunting!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A few of my favorite things.....

Vintage and rusty,

gnarled and old,

rustic and simple,

historic and treasured,

homemade and handmade,

forgotten and found,

vibrant and wild,

patina and chipped,

 handed down and tossed out,

restored and repurposed,

perfect and loved.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

 To what do you behold?