Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I make stuff...

Lots of stuff!
I grew up on a farm. And part of the farm life involved BURLAP! Feed sacks, gunny sacks, grain bags, whatever you want to call it...I loved them, then and now! I have been using burlap in my decorating for imagine my aweshocksurprise when I bust into blogland and tada...burlap is big! It really is a wonderful asset to decorate with...the earthy smell, the rustic look, the rough texture and the endless possibilites of crafty projects that can be pulled off with burlap.
Sooooo to celebrate burlap love and spring's arrival, I thought I would share a fun project with you.

Get yourself some grapevine all rolled up like so

Cut out some 4 x 4 squares of burlap and then unravel the ends a bit

Glue them to the grapevine any way you want

Distress a wooden letter

Glue some flat moss to the burlap squares and then glue your letter (after the paint dries) to the moss

I decided to make a cute little birds nest out of spanish moss and then added that the mix

Of course every nest needs some cute little clay eggs so I glued those into the nest, waited about a half hour, gave it a once over, added some more glue to secure everything and waaaalaaa

You've got yourself a beautiful wreath to welcome spring and all who visit your humble abode!

Happy spring and now...
get out there and create something!

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  1. Stephanie, I love this project. So cute and I appreciate you following me. I know you added my button to your sidebar, but I really need the button or a link added to your post so others will know what party you linked to.

    Thanks so much,

  2. Girlie, I am your 21st follower (wish that was my age...LOL) and I am in love with your blog and the wreath is amazing! Thank you for sharing...I would love you to visit my blog & check out my Southern style...I will definitely be back, Tiff
    The Cranky Queen

  3. This is simply adorable and I love how it looks!

  4. Sorry I had to delete my comment. I had your blog confused with another, and thought you were the one who always gets soooo lucky at the thrift stores, and I commented about it. Anyhoo, I love the wreath, and I already have all of the stuff to make it with and I need a wreath for my garage door. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Absoutely adorable!! So springy!! :)

  6. Hi Stephanie, This is too cute! It is perfect for Spring. Thanks for joining my party.

  7. Hi Stephanie - peeking over from Feathered Nests Friday....& love your little monogramed sweet & so clever! xoox, Tracie

  8. Stephanie that is so cute. I love it!! Martina

  9. What a cute idea! I may have to borrow this idea! Thanx for sharing!

  10. Isn't it just great when something we've always used and loved finally gets the recognition and appreciation it deserves! The only downside I've found is that sometimes popularity can price something out of the stratosphere! (ie: Jadite, which I remember they used to give away at the gas station when you filled up your tank! I know I'm dating myself... winks) I'm glad I got all my Burlap, Vintage Hemp Feedsacks and other "hot" items before there was a huge demand! *whew* I love how creatively you've used your Burlap!

    Springtime Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. What a pretty wreath -- so perfect for springtime!

  12. This is so cute. Love this wreath. I am new to your blog. Thanks for sharing with us. Hope you have a lovely spring Day.

  13. very cute, I love all things burlap!

  14. I love the simplicity of this...nice job!

  15. Super charming- Love this idea! Thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  16. Very pretty. New follower after finding you on the linky party at Elements Interiors.


  17. Cute! The nest is so cute!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party